"It is not how much we do but how much love we put in the doing." (Mother Theresa)

The palliative care in Chojnice started in 1992. The bishop Jan Bernard Szlaga’s decree dating 1993 confirmed the existence of home hospice and the priest Henryk Cyrzan became its spiritual guide. Growing needs of patients effected in establishing the stationary hospice in 2003. But the palliative care can be also successfully provided at home. Therefore in 2005 Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Hospicjum – TPH (Hospice Friends’ Association) has been created and the organization focused on providing the home care for its patients. 

The head of medical team became doctors Małgorzata Kaczmarek and Bernadeta Klunder, both specialists in internal diseases and palliative care. Together with the energetic team of nurses they guarantee the professional medical and nursing care.

TPH does not benefit from the National Health Fund. The organisation is fully volunteer. That applies not only to the medical staff but also to other people in the association. Since the demand is growing day by day it requires a lot of effort to provide patients with state-of-the-art equipment. From the very beginning TPH acquires the funding by organising charity events. The volunteers are the core of the artistic programmes.

Currently the regular TPH fundraising events are:

Charity Ball – first edition in 2012

Chojnickie Aniołowo – organised since 2006, it’s an annual charity outdoor event taking place on first Sunday after Corpus Christi,

Candle Action – since 2007 before All Saints Day TPH sells candles for the benefit of the patients.

Those events help to collect the funds to continue the care over patients.


Home Hospice develops dynamically. Except the annual events that grew into the cultural landscape of the city TPH spreads its activity to other fields as well. In 2006 TPH entered the special schools and therapy clubs. This involved the citizens who were not ready to work with cancer patients but wanted to serve others: weak, needy, lonely and misunderstood by society people. The Association makes volunteer work possible at any age or field of expertise. The most possibilities are currently provided for youth. To work as a volunteer one must accomplish special trainings and courses. Full volunteer training lasts 3 years. This time allows to achieve necessary skills and experience.

TPH has many friends and sympathizers. Since the very beginning TPH cooperates with Kienkeurig Foundation. In 2007 the Dutch friends donated a car and ecological scooters in 2009. All vehicles with TPH logo drive around the streets of Chojnice. Kienkeurig helps us not only by donating goods or financial help, but also by providing moral support and advice.

In 2008 TPH gained the OPP status (Public Benefit Organization status) which allows to obtain 1% of the income tax from the taxpayers in the annual tax declaration.

Since May 2009 TPH develops the support group for people suffering from grief after loss. This is one of the statutory tasks to provide the moral support to the family not only during the patient’s sickness but also after their death.

TPH plans on building the new stationary hospice in Chojnice in the beautiful surroundings of the Municipal Wood. The land with the old building of pulmonology institution has been donated by the Town Hall, but the old construction is not proper for the modern medical facility (asbestos, etc.), therefore TPH must elevate a new edifice that will fulfil the patients’ needs and provide them with the best possible living conditions. This is a great goal that we’re working on now and to see how we are doing, please click on “Hospice Construction” button on the right.

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