"It is not how much we do but how much love we put in the doing." (Mother Theresa)

TPH Statute

Human being has the right to live from the moment of conception to their natural death. John Paul II

The palliative care is an alternative to euthanasia.


Hospice Friends’ Association (Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Hospicjum – TPH) exists to help people suffering from terminal diseases and to support their families during the end-of-life period and after loss.

If you want to help or you are looking for help for yourself or your loved ones – read the information below.


Our goal is:

- providing free specialist care at patient’s home during his last days

- direct help and training the family or caregivers to properly care for the patient in home conditions

- assisting the patient in terminal state

- supporting the family during the patient’s continuous illness and grief following their death



We rent the medical equipment, i.e. hospital beds, mattresses, etc. for free.

For more information about available equipment please visit us at our office on Mondays from 1pm to 5pm in Wszechnica Chojnicka, 3 Wysoka Street, room 213 or contact us at poczta@tph.org.pl


We promote the awareness of palliative care and organize charity events for citizens of the region of Chojnice:

- lectures for the Third Age University

- concerts in churches and Chojnice Culture Centre

- health forum

- charity outdoor event Chojnickie Aniołowo – first Sunday after Corpus Christi, our main charity event

- Charity Ball in January

- celebrating the International Day of Palliative Care and Hospices

- celebrating the Chojnice Days of Palliative Care

- selling TPH candles during national Candle Action in October before All Saints Day

We’re looking forward to meet you there! You can read about upcoming events in the News at our website.


For our volunteers, especially for the youth to spread the palliative care idea and integrate them with TPH members we organize the following events:

- trainings and courses for volunteers

- TPH Picnic

- Volunteers Ball


Download our statute:

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