"It is not how much we do but how much love we put in the doing." (Mother Theresa)
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1% of income tax donation

If you pay taxes in Poland you can donate 1% of your income tax to our organization and therefore support the palliative care in Chojnice region. Below you’ll find all required information to complete your donation in your PIT form and this is the account number for this purpose only:

PKO BP   44 1020 1491 0000 4102 0050 2708

TPH KRS number:  KRS 0000241855


STEP 1: In your PIT form (PIT-36, PIT–36L, PIT-37, PIT-28, PIT-38) choose or fill in the name of the public profit organization that you want to support and its KRS number:

Towarzystwo Przyjació³ Hospicjum, KRS 0000241855

STEP 2: Declare the amount of donation (maximum 1% of your income tax, rounded down to 0,10PLN)

STEP 3: The Tax Office will send your donation to our 1% account - PKO BP   44 1020 1491 0000 4102 0050 2708


Other donations

We will be very grateful for your donation which will improve the end of life for so many people and will help their families and loved ones to cope with grief. Also, except providing home care, we plan on building the Stationary Hospice, which is a great goal and hopefully with your help it can be achieved soon! If you donate 500E (2000PLN) or more for that purpose you can join the Club of Hundred established by TPH together with Kienkeurig Foundation and receive the commemorative plaque in our new hospice!

PKO BP IBAN account number: PL47 1020 1491 0000 4102 0035 4050

Please inform us about your donation and correspondence address at poczta@tph.org.pl so we can send you the confirmation of your donation and our gratitude letter.

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